Alpina Capital provides 18 years of investment experience with a proven track record.


Managing large funds

Our experienced and dedicated team specialize in managing large portfolios. We focus on our tailor-made discretionary mandates portfolios, which we fully align to our clients needs.

Tailored Investment Solutions

Alpina Capital offers full-service tailored investment solutions, dedicated to meeting the distinct needs of wealthy individuals.

Active Asset Allocation

We actively manage our Tactical & Strategic Asset Allocation, where we allocate between and within different asset classes. Our Investment Committee consists of expierenced investment professionals with a proven track record in taking asset allocation decisions.

Manager Comment

The US continued to provide strong macro data in September. Consumption and investments from corporates were the strongest contributors. The Federal Government raised interest rates and confirmed its policy of hiking rates further this year. Italy’s budget proposal and the US mid-term elections should lead to further uncertainty in the short term. We slightly reduced our equity exposure, with the reduction of our small and mid cap exposure and increased our large cap positions.