Alpina Capital’s next generation issuance platform, provides the ability to securitize every asset, from liquid stock listed investments, to private equity or private debt and non-bankable assets like real estate.


Securitization of all assets with SWISS ISIN

Alpina Capital provides tailor-made issuance solutions for financial products with the ability to create following investment products:

Actively Managed Certificates, Tracker Certificates, Non-bankable Assets, Private Debt, Private Equity, Real Estate, Capital Protected Notes, Credit Linked Notes and Insurance Linked Securities.

Next generation issuance platform

The daily secondary market, the Swiss paying agent, the highest possible control and freedom of choice of all counterparties are only some of the important advantages of the issuance platform.


  • Swiss paying agent

  • Balance sheet neutrality

  • No counterparty risk

  • Tailor-made issuance vehicle

  • Daily liquidity

  • Tax advantages

  • Low and transparent costs

  • Investment and risk controlling

  • Financial engineering

  • Issuance of tailored financial products via issuing vehicles (SPV) of the next generation

  • Multi-issuer portfolio management with one single AMC possible

  • Less workload / simple product setup

  • Open platform: AM can choose broker / custodian

  • Separation of issuer and custodian – free choice of all counterparties

  • Investment Vehicle for Qualified Investors

  • Possibility of track record

  • Time efficient setup

Service includes:

  • Set-up and maintenance of financial products

  • Establishment of accounts at paying agent & custodian

  • Structuring & issuance of products

  • Termsheets & documentation

  • Lifecycle management

  • Swiss ISIN

  • Charge your management fees

  • Wide variety of reference currencies (RMB also possible)

  • Easy Asset Management fee collection

  • Unlimited number of rebalancing

  • Fully transparent

  • Cross-asset