Alpina Capital offers full-service digital asset management, including crypto trading strategies, technical analysis, arbitrage, access to blockbuster deals, and the highest level of asset security on the market.


Access to Blockbuster DEALS

With access to the projects with the highest demand, Alpina Capital offers crypto investment opportunities where most investors don’t get any allocation. These investments differ from what is typically seen in the crypto market by enabling smart-contracts, offering near instant payments and higher scalability.

Blockchain Selection & commitment

Alpina Capital has a global presence at crypto conferences to detect the most attractive investment opportunities, screening nearly 200 projects per month. Investors are also given access to weekly crypto market calls and research from our monthly crypto investment committee.

Highest Storage Security Standard

We offer the most advanced blockchain storage available. This system is secure both physically and digitally on the highest grade hardware security modules with detailed configuration possibilities for individual and role-based access control. This enables flexible multi-signature schemes in addition to native blockchain­-specific features.

Regulated Crypto Investment Manager

Alpina Capital AG is one of the first regulated crypto Investment Managers in Switzerland and member of the regulation authority which is recognized by FINMA. As such, the VQF contributes towards protecting and strengthening the interests of financial intermediaries and their investors, as well as the interests of Switzerland as a financial center. In addition, the VQF carries out periodic audits on members, trains them in matters concerning the Anti-Money Laundering Act and also represents their interests in the legislative and political arena.